March News

From The Chapter Directors – Bruce and Tina Gebhard

Social –  Sunday, March 8th at 10 am at Monona Gardens, 6501 Bridge Road, Monona, WI. Don’t forget to move your clocks ahead 1 hour on Saturday night.

Upcoming Events 

Saturday, March 21 Horizons workshop is being conducted in Maple Gove, MN.  Horizon Program: An experience in teamwork, self-awareness, interpersonal communication, and building better chapters. Tina and I will be attending if anyone wants to join us.

April 4th – WI District Spring OPS meeting at the Hotel Mead in Wisconsin Rapids. Everyone is welcome. Tina and I will be going up the evening of the 3rd and spending the night.

Sunday, April 19th – Mini-Golf Chapter Challenge at Vitense Golf Land, Madison, WI. They have one indoor course, but if it turns out to be a beautiful day, they have two outdoor courses. This is immediately following our social. The challenge trophy will go to the chapter that has the lowest average strokes per player (4 person minimum). Last year we had 29 people attend. Let’s see if we can get 40 this year! Cost is $8 per person for 18 holes.

March 6 & 7 – Michigan District “Wingless Weekend” Please check out their flyer for details.

March 20 – Missouri District Spring Fling  This is part of the Missouri “Trifecta”.  Check out their flyer for details.

From the Directors – Bruce and Tina Gebhard     

Hello Chapter H members and friends! I always like it when March gets her. Why? Because that normally means that sometime later in the month the riding season begins!! Hopefully you got all your maintenance items taken care of, or they will be very soon.

That of course means that it’s time for some parking lot practice or sign up for a TRC or ARC course. We have one coming up May 8th (TRC) and 9th (ARC) in Wisconsin Rapids. Also there will be a CPR class in the of the 9th. Contact me if you need information on how to get registered for the classes. I would like to encourage everyone that is still riding to participate in the levels program. The program is designed to help us keep up our skills on the bike, and in case we need to administer first aid or CPR in the case of an accident, etc.

We just received our newest edition of Wing world and along with it is the new gold book. I don’t know about you, but it’s been awhile since I have gone through it to see all of the great information that’s there. It isn’t just a directory of the members. It has a bunch of other stuff too! There is a list of all of the benefits that we get as members including pet insurance, travel and car rental, and hotel discounts. Do you know or remember how to tie your bike down on a trailer or how to pick it up by yourself? That information is there, along with a list of all the Honda dealers in the U.S. and Canada. Also included are a membership application and a 4-month trial membership. If you haven’t read it in awhile, I want to encourage you to flip through it again. You may be surprised by what you find.

Happy March Birthdays 4th – Tom Barman, 6th – Bonnie Harris, 23rd – Karen Baetsen, 31st – Bruce Hansen

Happy March Anniversary   5th – Tom and Jackie Barman

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