September 2021 Newsletter

Monthly Social gathering:
Sunday September 12th . 10:00 AM , Monona Gardens Family Restaurant, 6501 Bridge Rd, Monona, WI. Please, only come if you feel safe to do so.


Friday lunch bunch – 11:15. Watch your email, check the website, or chapter H Facebook page for the location.


For the follow and for other events not listed here please see:     

  • September 9th             Thursday evening ride 6:00PM Location TBD
  • September 18th          Hill and Valley Days
  • September 23rd           Thursday evening ride 6:00PM Location TBD
  • September 24th           Iowa District rally
  • October 10th                Chapter H Social
  • October TBD               Chapter H Snowbird Dinner – Location TBD
  • December TBD           Chapter H Christmas Party – Location and time TBD

From the Directors:

Special thanks to each and every one of you for your participation and support with our Brat Fry Fundraiser at the Shoe Box – we had a perfect day for it.  Bruce and I really want to share our gratitude to each of you for going the extra mile.  We were asked to stay longer than we had originally been told, or had planned – and you pulled together and showed the heart of our Chapter – to serve!  We are so blessed to be part of this Chapter, and we appreciate each and every one of you!!!  By the way – apparently there is a line dance for order taking and food preparation – at least according to Luisa and Tina!!! We also want to thank all of the folks from other chapters from around the state for coming and supporting our fundraiser at the Shoe Box!

Bruce & Tina Gebhard

From the Assistant Directors:

I (John) am now officially retired from work.  From March 26th until August 2nd I was running out the accrued Sabbatical, Vacation and Holiday leave.  Not that the difference being retired vs before  was much beyond dealing with all the paper work for retirement, including:

  • Setting up retiree insurance
  • Getting retirement payments direct deposit and tax withholding set up.
  • Getting Social Security payments and tax withholding set up.

All in all a bit easier than filing for (temporally anyway) long term disability that I had to do 10 years ago when I had my transplant.  At that time I had about 2 inches worth of paperwork vs about 1 inch now.

Denise will be retiring in January.  Because her and I are in the same retirement plan she’s happy that I went through all the steps required so she doesn’t have to work that out. 

For those of you still working I highly recommend retirement.

John and Denise Scott

Wing Riding Wisconsin:

  • On Thursday July 22nd Tom Barman led a group ride with 4 bikes all over the town of Berry.  All were wearing safety gear.  There were lots of twists and turns, and scenic views.  Tom said it was fun to do so much traveling all back and forth within the township and yet cover so many roads!  Approximately 80 miles in all. 
  • Also on Thursday July 22nd we had a group of 2 bikes and a truck head to the Minnesota/North Dakota Rally.  All were wearing safety gear.  We traveled approx. 180 miles along scenic Hwy 14 for a very enjoyable ride.  Tina actually rode her own bike all the way there.
  • Friday July 23rd we had 4 bikes ride from our hotel in Winona up to Slippery’s in Waubasha  for lunch.   All were wearing safety gear.  We crossed over into Wisconsin and traveled back along the river over to Winona.  It was about 80 miles in all, and lunch was delicious!  We even got a picture of the two Grumpy Old Men (sorry Bruce & Stan – I just had to!).
  • Friday Evening July 23rd we had 3 bikes from our chapter join in with about 10 other bikes for a evening ride to Larry’s Lookout in Arcadia Wisconsin for dinner.  All were wearing safety gear.  It was a ton of wonderful roads and views.   We rode about 120 miles in all. 
  • Sunday July 24th we had 2 bikes and a truck from our Chapter joined by Frank & Sharon Jackson for the return ride home.  All were wearing safety gear.  We again traveled along Hwy 14 for a relaxing and gorgeous ride home.  It was about 180 miles. 
Ride home 4 motorcycles and one truck with trailer hauling 2 motorcycles.
  • On Friday August 6th we had 3 bikes from our Chapter participate in a “Chocolate Ride” while at the Illinois Rally.  We had 8 bikes and 3 vehicles in all.  All were wearing safety gear.   We began in Rock Falls, and took scenic routes to Le Claire Iowa.  We got to shop along the river and had lunch at a fabulous barbecue restaurant.  We also visited the American Picker’s store.  We had about 120 miles total. 
  • On Sunday August 7th we had 2 bikes and a truck with trailer hauling 2 motorcycles from Chapter H travel from Rock Falls, back to Madison for our Social at Monona Gardens.  All were wearing safety gear.  We had 130 miles total. 
  • On Thursday August 12th we had 3 bikes meet at Kwik Trip on Pepsi Way.  All were wearing safety gear.  We traveled through Windsor, Arlington, Rio, Otsego, and over to Sassy Cow Creamery between Columbus and Sun Prairie.  Of course we enjoyed some delicious Ice Cream, stocked up on some fantastic cheese, and enjoyed an incredible sunset.   Did you know they now have sandwiches?  They looked amazing – will have to plan a lunch ride there again!!

Happy September  Birthday’s:

  • 7th Barb Van Natta
  • 28th Tina Gebhard

September  Anniversaries:

  • Bruce & Tina Gebhard
  • John & Sarah Wendorf
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