October 2021 Newsletter

UPCOMING EVENTFor the following and for other events not listed here please see:    Chapter events:  http://gwrra-wih.org/wih/?page_id=263 District events:  https://www.gwrra-wi.org/calendar.html

October 17th   Chapter H Snowbird Dinner , Location:  North and South Seafood and Smokehouse, 958 Liberty Dr, Verona, WI Social time 4 pm Dinner 5 pm (ordering off the menu)

December 19th Chapter H Christmas Party – Location  TBD (tentatively Rex’s Innkeeper  in Waunakee

From the Directors:

Just a reminder that the fall district ops meeting is scheduled for October 16th at 10:00AM. I will be sending out an invite to the Zoom meeting about a week before. Keep an eye out for it, and please join us. We would really like having your input for next year’s events!

This is a great time of year for riding, so if you decide to get out, please invite some friends along to enjoy your company. Send an email, post it on the Chapter H Facebook page, etc.  Let us know when and where!  Also be mindful of the ever-changing weather in the Fall and dress accordingly.  Remember that wet leaves on the ground can be slick.  Of course, we can’t forget the extra deer activity due to rut! Stay Safe! Bruce & Tina Gebhard

From the Assistant Directors:

I will be taking over as Director in January of 2022.  If anyone is interested in being a Ride Coordinator, or Assistant Director please let me know. 

Also let me know if you have any ideas for activities or locations next year.  Hopefully the epidemic ends and we can get together more. John & Denise Scott

Wing Riding Wisconsin:

August 26th Cal Reuterskiold led our Thursday evening ride.  It was an unusual ride, but he was happy to share.  He said “Kind of a cloudy evening, any time to ride is good, RIGHT?!  Met at the park and ride, there were 3 of us that went.  After some disagreement, Me said it looks too much like rain, but I said that was OK – I’ve been wet before.  (I think Me just wanted to go and have a beer!)

Myself said let’s go, I agreed and off we went, we turned right out of the parking lot on Femrite Dr and went out to Hwy AB.  We turned right and went along Hwy MN and turned left.  Me said it was getting cloudier, as we went to Door Creek road and turned right.  We went to Koshkonong Rd where we turned left.  We rode for a little ways on the Kosh listening to Me whine all the way about the weather,  We turned right on Hwy W, went through Utica, on turned right on Willow Dr to Washington Rd,  We turned left, took Washington to Stebbinsville Rd, and turned right on Dankus Rd,  From there we turned right and then left on Old Stage Rd. 

About this time, me started whining again, but this time I was heading west into the pending storm  Myself said let’s just hang it up for tonight.  Finally we all (me, myself, and I) decided that we should just go home.  Me got his way, and drank a Guiness”

****Cal your creativity is awesome!*****

Some of us rode down to Dubuque for the 1st annual M.I.W.I.ND. Mary Adams memorial ride in.  The weather was good, the location was great, and the company was fabulous!   (oh – and the riding was really scenic and fun!).  Mark your calendars for next year, it’s a great time to just get together and ride!!  August 26th and 27th, 2022 at Miller Riverview Park in Dubuque, 

Friday August 27th a couple of us rode with a group of about 30 bikes and we had 2 cars.  We headed out from Dubuque on some gorgeous backroads up to Dickeyville.  We enjoyed a stop at the Grotto – what an amazing site!  From there we meandered up to Mineral Point and had lunch at the Pointer Café.  They really went out of their way for us. Originally, we had told them to expect “maybe” 20 people.  When Yvette called that morning to see if they could handle our updated numbers of 60+ they said absolutely.   The food was fabulous.  A bonus for Tina was her cousin who lives in Mineral Point joined us to visit.  The rest of the ride took beautiful backroads back to Dubuque.  

Saturday August 28th 7 Chapter H members on 4 bikes all wearing safety gear ventured out on our own.  We traveled to Dyersville, and toured the Field of Dreams, It was fun to see the location, and some great photo ops!  We headed from there to Animosa – you guessed it, to the National Motorcycle Museum.  We could have spent so much more time there seeing all the varieties of bikes and motorized vehicles.  When we left, we headed to J & P cycle for some retail therapy.  From there we wandered back to Dubuque – over 200 miles in all on a very hot day!

Sept 9th Chapter H went on an evening ride. We had 5 bikes and 7 people ,we also had 1 bike join us near the end of our ride .We travelled just under 60 miles ,all were wearing safety gear .It’s that time of the year ,the lead bike saw 9 deer ,so keep your eyes open and scan for them .Be safe.  Tom Barman

Sept 18th Chapter H had the pleasure of escorting about 40 vintage cars and trucks, including model T’s, model A’s and some newer ones  into the 70’s .We had beautiful weather and some of the most scenic & hilly roads the area has to offer .We had 2 bikes, 1car ,5 people 1 nonmember ,all had safety gear for the 55 mile adventure.  Tom Barman

Happy October  Birthday’s:

  • 9th Mary Black
  • Joyce Buseman

October  Anniversaries:

  • Barb & Jerry VanNatta

If we have missed your birthday or anniversary, please accept our apology and let us know so we can get you added on our list. We know that our list is incomplete.

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