September 2021 Newsletter

Monthly Social gathering:
Sunday September 12th . 10:00 AM , Monona Gardens Family Restaurant, 6501 Bridge Rd, Monona, WI. Please, only come if you feel safe to do so.


Friday lunch bunch – 11:15. Watch your email, check the website, or chapter H Facebook page for the location.


For the follow and for other events not listed here please see:     

  • September 9th             Thursday evening ride 6:00PM Location TBD
  • September 18th          Hill and Valley Days
  • September 23rd           Thursday evening ride 6:00PM Location TBD
  • September 24th           Iowa District rally
  • October 10th                Chapter H Social
  • October TBD               Chapter H Snowbird Dinner – Location TBD
  • December TBD           Chapter H Christmas Party – Location and time TBD

From the Directors:

Special thanks to each and every one of you for your participation and support with our Brat Fry Fundraiser at the Shoe Box – we had a perfect day for it.  Bruce and I really want to share our gratitude to each of you for going the extra mile.  We were asked to stay longer than we had originally been told, or had planned – and you pulled together and showed the heart of our Chapter – to serve!  We are so blessed to be part of this Chapter, and we appreciate each and every one of you!!!  By the way – apparently there is a line dance for order taking and food preparation – at least according to Luisa and Tina!!! We also want to thank all of the folks from other chapters from around the state for coming and supporting our fundraiser at the Shoe Box!

Bruce & Tina Gebhard

From the Assistant Directors:

I (John) am now officially retired from work.  From March 26th until August 2nd I was running out the accrued Sabbatical, Vacation and Holiday leave.  Not that the difference being retired vs before  was much beyond dealing with all the paper work for retirement, including:

  • Setting up retiree insurance
  • Getting retirement payments direct deposit and tax withholding set up.
  • Getting Social Security payments and tax withholding set up.

All in all a bit easier than filing for (temporally anyway) long term disability that I had to do 10 years ago when I had my transplant.  At that time I had about 2 inches worth of paperwork vs about 1 inch now.

Denise will be retiring in January.  Because her and I are in the same retirement plan she’s happy that I went through all the steps required so she doesn’t have to work that out. 

For those of you still working I highly recommend retirement.

John and Denise Scott

Wing Riding Wisconsin:

  • On Thursday July 22nd Tom Barman led a group ride with 4 bikes all over the town of Berry.  All were wearing safety gear.  There were lots of twists and turns, and scenic views.  Tom said it was fun to do so much traveling all back and forth within the township and yet cover so many roads!  Approximately 80 miles in all. 
  • Also on Thursday July 22nd we had a group of 2 bikes and a truck head to the Minnesota/North Dakota Rally.  All were wearing safety gear.  We traveled approx. 180 miles along scenic Hwy 14 for a very enjoyable ride.  Tina actually rode her own bike all the way there.
  • Friday July 23rd we had 4 bikes ride from our hotel in Winona up to Slippery’s in Waubasha  for lunch.   All were wearing safety gear.  We crossed over into Wisconsin and traveled back along the river over to Winona.  It was about 80 miles in all, and lunch was delicious!  We even got a picture of the two Grumpy Old Men (sorry Bruce & Stan – I just had to!).
  • Friday Evening July 23rd we had 3 bikes from our chapter join in with about 10 other bikes for a evening ride to Larry’s Lookout in Arcadia Wisconsin for dinner.  All were wearing safety gear.  It was a ton of wonderful roads and views.   We rode about 120 miles in all. 
  • Sunday July 24th we had 2 bikes and a truck from our Chapter joined by Frank & Sharon Jackson for the return ride home.  All were wearing safety gear.  We again traveled along Hwy 14 for a relaxing and gorgeous ride home.  It was about 180 miles. 
Ride home 4 motorcycles and one truck with trailer hauling 2 motorcycles.
  • On Friday August 6th we had 3 bikes from our Chapter participate in a “Chocolate Ride” while at the Illinois Rally.  We had 8 bikes and 3 vehicles in all.  All were wearing safety gear.   We began in Rock Falls, and took scenic routes to Le Claire Iowa.  We got to shop along the river and had lunch at a fabulous barbecue restaurant.  We also visited the American Picker’s store.  We had about 120 miles total. 
  • On Sunday August 7th we had 2 bikes and a truck with trailer hauling 2 motorcycles from Chapter H travel from Rock Falls, back to Madison for our Social at Monona Gardens.  All were wearing safety gear.  We had 130 miles total. 
  • On Thursday August 12th we had 3 bikes meet at Kwik Trip on Pepsi Way.  All were wearing safety gear.  We traveled through Windsor, Arlington, Rio, Otsego, and over to Sassy Cow Creamery between Columbus and Sun Prairie.  Of course we enjoyed some delicious Ice Cream, stocked up on some fantastic cheese, and enjoyed an incredible sunset.   Did you know they now have sandwiches?  They looked amazing – will have to plan a lunch ride there again!!

Happy September  Birthday’s:

  • 7th Barb Van Natta
  • 28th Tina Gebhard

September  Anniversaries:

  • Bruce & Tina Gebhard
  • John & Sarah Wendorf
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Friday, September 10, 2021 Breakfast/Lunch

Friday, September 10th at 11:00 am, we will be meeting for breakfast/lunch. We will be meeting at Norske Nook at 100 E Holum St, Deforest, WI.

Norske Nook is famous for their time-honored recipes and “made from scratch, each crust rolled by hand” award-winning pies, Norske Nook serves Norwegian food and American favorites seven days a week. They offer a full menu along with daily specials. Their experienced staff know that you deserve great customer service.

100 E Holum St – Google Maps

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WI District Picnic – August 11, 2021

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August 2021 Newsletter

Monthly Social gathering:
Sunday August 8th. 10:00 AM Plan for a ride after the social
Monona Gardens Family Restaurant
6501 Bridge Rd Monona, WI

Friday lunch bunch – 11:00AM: Contact Marcella Newell or watch your “this and that” email and the chapter facebook page.
Tuesday evening 5:00PM dinner/ride: Contact Marcella Newell or watch your “this and that” email and the chapter facebook page.

August Thursday night rides for August are on the 5th and the 19th. Watch your email a couple of days before that for the meeting location. Normal departure time is 6:00pm.

July 23rd-24th: Minnesota/ N. Dakota district rally. Winona MN. Tina and I will be gong, leaving Thursday evening right after work. Hope some of you can join us!

August 5th-7th: IL District rally in Rock Falls. Tina and I will be attending and leaving early Sunday morning and riding straight to our monthly social. (It’s about a 2.5 hour ride is all)

August 15th: Chapter H fundraiser at the Shoebox. Setup starts at 8:00AM. Food from 9:30AM until 2:00PM. Clean up following, should be done before 3:00PM.

August 27th -28th: MI WIND Multi state Ride-in, Dubuque, IA. Currently there are about 100 people already signed up! The only things happening at this event are riding, socializing, and some eating. If you were at La Crosse in 2019, this should be even bigger than that was.

From the Directors:
Hello Everyone!
It’s been a very busy couple of months. First was our district rally, then a few short weeks later was Wing Ding, and enjoying our time as ICOY. A huge thank you to everyone for your support, and the best cheering section during the ceremony. The week was busy with events scheduled for us almost every day. The best part though is always getting to spend time with our friends, and the opportunity to make new friends along the way.
Tina and I spent some time during and after Wing Ding talking about all the people we are blessed to have in our lives. We all talk about GWRRA becoming our family, and that is so very true for us. The family we are born into will always take priority, but our GoldWing family is the one that we choose to spend time with.
We also enjoy sharing that friendship with new people that ride and are looking for a fun-loving group of people to hang out and share some motorcycling adventures with. It’s all about the memories we make! We have a question for you. Who do you know that you would like to have become a part of the fun crowd? Why not reach out and invite them? It’s a great gift to share – let’s see who we can find to bring along with us!
Stay safe!
Bruce & Tina Gebhard

From the Assistant Directors:
Denise and I went to Wingding 42 Springfield. We had a nice drive down along the Mississippi River with nice weather the 1st day with an overnight stay in Hannibal MO. The second day was a rain soaked ride through the Lake of the Ozarks on the way to Springfield. Luckily we had the convertible that has replaced the yellow trike we used to have and the ride was dry and warm.
While at Wingding we attended some seminars, toured the vendors and caught up with old friends and made some new ones. We saw the sights around Springfield, made a side trip to see what Branson had to offer for future vacation. One of the highlights was the excellent anniversary dinner Denise and I had at Hemingway;s, the restaurant at the Bass Pro Shops.
John and Denise Scott

Wing Riding Wisconsin
On Sunday June 13th after our Social we had 1 car and 7 motorcycles take off for a ride. We had 11 people total all in protective gear. The ride ventured to Fort Atkinson to Frostie Freeze for delicious Ice Cream. The ride was around 75 miles total with everyone enjoying the wonderful day and great ride. (The ice cream was great too!!)

Even though the Thursday, June 24th evening ride was cancelled, some members did not see the email regarding the cancellation and went on a ride of their own. We had a variety of cycles: 1800 Goldwing, 1500 Goldwing, Kawasaki Vulcan, and Suzuki Boulevard. All 4 members on the 4 cycles were wearing safety gear. One of the new members, Paul, led us on an 80-mile ride on a beautiful evening with no rain. The sun came out for part of the trip. We started out from the Springfield Corners Park and Ride. We rode scenic roads to Lodi and then stopped at the Ice Cream stand at the Merrimac Ferry. From there we rode towards Sauk Prairie, Mt. Horeb, and ending on the West side of Madison.
Bonnie Harris

On Thursday July 8th we had 3 bikes (4 riders in full protective gear) started out from the Hwy. 12/19 Park & Ride and headed down Hwy. 12 to Hwy 19 towards Mazomanie. We turned onto Hwy 78, and picked up another bike & rider in full gear. (One of our members that was a little behind getting to the starting point caught up to us.) We continued on Hwy 78 into Sauk, then out to Hwy 12 up to Baraboo. We turned onto Ski Hi road and wound through the South Shore of Devil’s Lake where we shared some history on Stopper’s Bay. (Stopper’s Bay was nicknamed by locals after my Dad for all the years of fishing he did out there. Dad’s parent’s owned a cottage at the lake so he spend all of his summers out there swimming and fishing. He continued this all his life.) Our ride continued out of Devil’s lake turning on DL and winding back to Hwy 78 to Portage. In Portage we picked up Hwy 51 and took that to De Forest for our ending stop at Culver’s for some delicious custard (surprise, right?). We ended up just over 100 miles for the night, with absolutely perfect weather.
Tina Gebhard

On Sunday July 11th after our Social John & Denise Scott (in their nice convertible) led 7 motorcycles (2 trikes & 5 bikes) with 13 riders in full protective gear to New Glarus for Ice Cream. We rode just over 60 miles in all. We took nice scenic roads down, with a more direct route back due to incoming rain.
Luisa Reuterskiold

On Saturday July 17th Chapter H took a ride to Castle Rock Inn Restaurant in Montfort/Muscoda, WI for All- You- Can Eat Prime Rib and Meat Buffet. We had 4 motorcycles and 2 cars. A total of 10 people which included 2 nonmembers along for the entire trip. All were wearing safety gear. Some of us rode around a total of 170 miles. Marsha and Gary Wilhelms joined us at the restaurant! Always a pleasure to spend time with them. We had good food, fun, and friendly conversations.
Bonnie Harris

Happy August Birthday’s:
13th Ed Denman

August Anniversaries:
Wayne & Karen Baetsen
Stan & Bonnie Harris

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Prime Rib & Meat Lover’s Buffet – 7/12/2021

Do you love Prime Rib and/or Meat? Chapter H members are organizing a ride to Castle Rock Inn, 15040 Shemak Rd, Muscoda, WI on July 17th to enjoy their buffet.

We will meet at the parking lot of the gas station next to the Dutch Mill Park & Ride at the intersection of Highway 18 and 51 (46 Collins Ct, Madison, WI). We will leave promptly at 4 pm and take a scenic route arriving at Castle Rock Inn between 5:30 pm & 6:00 pm. Any make and model of motorcycles and cars are welcome to join.

If you plan on riding with us or meeting us there, please let Bonnie Harris know by Wednesday, July 14th. She has to inform them of the number of people that we will have coming. Then they can plan accordingly. You can call or text Bonnie at 608-513-7134. If no answer, please leave a message.

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July 2021 Newsletter

Monthly Social gathering: Sunday July 11th. 10:00 AM, Monona Gardens Family Restaurant, 6501 Bridge Rd, Monona, WI Please, only come if you feel safe to do so.

Friday lunch bunch – 11:15. Watch your email, check the website, or chapter H Facebook page for the location.

Wing Ding 42 is happening this year in Springfield MO. It runs from Tuesday July 29th thru Saturday July 3rd. We really hope you can join us for a great time there! We would also really appreciate your support on Tuesday afternoon during the International Couple of the Year presentations as Tina and I get to go onstage as the 2020-2021 Northwest ICOY.  Note:  If you’re interested a group ride to and from Springfield is planned.  For details and to sign up please contact John Scott @

Other Events

  • July 17           Ride to Castle Rock – 5 pm Prime Rib & Meat Lovers Buffet
  • July 23rd        MN/ND District Rally Winona MN Riverport Inn & Conference Center 900, Bruski Dr, Winona
  • August 15                  Chapter H fund raiser – The Shoebox
  • August 21                  WI District Picnic
  • Sept. 18 ?                  Hill and Valley Days
  • October TBD             Chapter H Snowbird Dinner – Location TBD
  • December TBD         Chapter H Christmas Party – Location and time TB

From the Directors:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that came out for the district rally this past weekend. Marcella, Bruce and Bernie Hanson sold 50/50 tickets on Friday, thank you!   Saturday evening after dinner, Stan and Bonnie hosted a “not so newlywed game” that everyone enjoyed.  Tom & Jackie Barman were game winners, and Luisa Reuterskiold showed off some great dance moves on the floor along with Jackie, Bonnie, Tina and I.  (Yes – I line danced!)  Thanks for doing a great job everyone! Chapter H won the basket raffle this year, so our charter dues are being paid for by the district!! Stay safe! Bruce & Tina Gebhard

Wing Riding Wisconsin:

On Thursday, June 10th, Chapter H ventured out on a VERY hot 80-mile ride.  We rode from Windsor, WI via back roads thru Wyocena, WI ending at A&W in Portage, WI.  There we enjoyed cold drinks, food, and of course ice cream.  We had 6 bikes with 8 riders, who were members.  2 bikes who joined us from the beginning of the ride were non- members with potential of becoming new members.  In total we had 8 bikes with 10 riders.  All were wearing safety gear.   Bonnie Harris

On May 26th chapter H went on a 60 mile evening ride lead by Tom. We had 3 bikes ,5 people, all wearing safety gear. We started in west Middleton, then rode thru Pine Bluff, Mt. Vernon , Daleyville, Mt. Horeb, Black Earth and ended in Cross Plains for Culvers treats. It was a great ride, great roads and great friends.   Tom Barman

From the Assistant Directors:

I have a route planned to and from the Madison area to Springfield.  The route down follows parts of the Mississippi River and the route back is on the interstate(s) that follow route 66.  I will have to leave St Louis early to make a 4:30 appt in Madison though.  If you’re interested please let me know so I have some idea of headcount.  You will be responsible for your own lodging for the overnight stays to and from Springfield in Hannibal   MO on the way down and St Louis MO on the way back.  We will be leaving on Sunday July 26th from the Madison area and leaving to return Sunday July 4th.

My son and his wife took a week’s vacation and I promised I would refinish his dining room table while he was gone.  I was at his house one day and had just put on a coat of varnish and was waiting for it to dry to apply a second coat.  Rather than stand around and watching the varnish dry and having run out of other items to fix in his house I decided to watch TV.  I had settled in with some coffee and found some classic Tom and Jerry cartoons to watch.  Lo and behold the grandchildren show up with their other grandparents to feed the fish and get the mail.  My grandson “tattled” on me telling my son that “grampa was supposed to be working but was watching TV instead”. 

The point of this story is even though it might look like you’re standing around doing nothing that doesn’t mean you’re not doing something constructive. Also the table came out great and looks like new. John and Denise Scott

Happy July Birthday’s:

  • 12th John Scott
  • 14th Bea Kolb
  • 14th Bernie Hanson
  • 29th John Wendorf

July Anniversaries:

  • John & Denise Scott
  • Ed & Betty Denman
  • Chuck & Diane Stumpf
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